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Just another day in the Peace Corps: sure, let’s shave our heads

One major change for me since I’ve been in South Africa is how I bathe. Many villages do not have running water (only a pump or faucet outside), so people bathe in small plastic buckets.

The winter is cold and dry and now that spring has approached, the weather is getting warmer (in the 80s), so I can only imagine what summer will be like.

With that said, a group of brave, young PCTs in my Volunteer group decided to shave their heads (four females included!) I told myself before coming here that I would never shave my head, but I tend to act very spontaneously. As soon as I saw everyone cutting their hair after training one day, I had the urge to jump in. My hair was already really short and I didn’t want to grow it out (really, how would I have cut it without it looking completely horrible?) So, I did what any sane 23-year-old would do: I shaved my head.

You only live in Africa once and you’re only in your early 20s once. How many girls can say that they’ve shaved their head before? Now five of us can!

Brooke taking the first chunk of my hair as my heart was pounding

Katrina picking up all the extra hair

After-product #1 (the length I want my hair to grow to soon)

Shawn had the honors of actually shaving my head the next day (although he looks creepily happy to do so, he’s just always smiling!)

The final-final product

The group from left to right: Ted, Michael, Shawn, Will, Brandon, Diana, Katrina, Katie, Liz and Briana (switching gender roles!)

So soft!

Two weeks later — me. I’m rocking some headbands and believe it or not bought hair clippers on my move-in shopping day in Pretoria. I never in my life would have thought I would be buying hair clippers…here’s to easy bucket baths!

Please still be my friend,