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A month in photos: March 2013

  • Camping at St. Lucia, one of South Africa’s vacation destinations with three of my PCV friends Katrina, Michael and Shawn. We got to see hippos, kayak in the estuary and stroll along a gorgeous beach! A much needed weekend to celebrate the end of our first term of teaching. Did you know hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa?
  • Our second Girls on the Rise club – this time we focused on self-esteem. All the girls had to trace their hands, cut out their hand and paste their hands on their backs. Then, the girls went around and wrote positive things about each other on the hands, as if everyone was getting a “pat on the back”.
  • Other random pictures: I have completed labeling all my school’s library books by reading level and subject, so now onto my favourite part in my library secondary project: DECORATING! And, as always, some pictures coming from the Battlefields PCVs and my site.

A month in photos: February 2013

  • The first meeting of Girls on the Rise — a girl’s club that my counterpart Yama and I started at the high school in my village. The club is open to anyone and will run until November. We will teach about health issues, self-esteem, love problems (that one is on Yama), sex, really anything else a high school girl would want to talk about. With 38 teenage pregnancies last year at the high school, we can only hope this club will help girls make the right decisions for their futures. My counterpart rocks and organized all the girls. We will meet twice a month. During our first meeting we had the girls draw and discuss their “self-image”, how they see themselves, which I think they enjoyed! (more to come on Girls on the Rise as it takes off!)
  • Pen pal project with my City Year school Markham Middle School in Watts and also Stevenson Middle School in Boyle Heights of Los Angeles. My former roommates Marissa and Josh are team leaders this year at each school! Hopefully I can send the letters this week, but there’s a post office strike (Africa always wins).
  • Learners helping me label library books, which of course got out of hand
  • Other randoms from February

Yours in service,
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