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Just another day at Markham: defaced already? Part two


My hood

I decided to keep track of how long it took for one of the murals City Year painted at Markham over spring break to be defaced. Although I’m about a week late posting a picture of the scene of the crime, it took about a week and a half.

But hey! Someone tried to spray paint over what someone else tagged. I’m not sure if this was an act of kindness to clean the mural up, or another gang wanted to over up the tag. I would hope the former.

Why can’t this be OUR hood – students, teachers, corps members, non-gang community members and gang members – together? If only…

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Just another day at Markham: battle of the team leaders

Who is the better TL? Britt or Lauren? I’d say it’s a tie.

The student’s reactions to the mention of the CST in this video is priceless.

Just another day at Markham: defaced already?


My teammate Jeanny decided to spruce up a filing cabinet by painting it bright colors. A day after she finished painting the top, we found this new, beautiful artwork. All these intricate designs were carved DURING A CLASS PERIOD.

Looks like we can’t even leave something in a classroom for a day without it getting defaced.

We’re painting a bunch of murals here next week for spring break (how ironic…). Let’s hope they can stay fresh and so clean.

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Just another day at Markham: attack of the students

Students at Markham sometimes attack us with “F Shitty Year” a lot (which I honestly find funny).

However, my students found a more creative way to attack me: to tease my hair and shake it like “Justin Bieber hair”. Ever since I got my new haircut my kids love messing with my hair and telling me to “do the Bieber”. One of my students told me to post this video and say that I got beat up at Markham (well, I kind of did!)

Really, though, you’ll always find me giggling or smiling about the ridiculous things my students say or do; this is just a glimpse of that.

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Just another day at Markham: before and after the paint job

The lunch yard before:



The lunch yard after Markham’s new paint job:


Just to clarify: this is the right sequence of events, even though it doesn’t make sense.

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Looking forward to making City Year corps 2011’s Mark on Markham!

Just another day at Markham: flash mobs never looked so fly

My teammate Dylan, who is in charge of morning activities at Markham, decided that we were going to bust out and perform a flash mob. Dylan mimicked a flash mob dance that First Lady Michelle Obama is bringing to schools across the country as part of her Let’s Move campaign.

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Just another day at Markham: roller skating fail


My team leader Lauren enjoys roller skating around our City Year room and campus (yes, there’s been a few times when I’ve been tutoring kids and Lauren just casually skates by to get something from the CY room).

On Monday, Lauren had a little fall and ripped her uniform pants. I’m sad I did not get to witness this glory.

Oh, it’s just another day at Markham Middle School.

Just another day at Markham: we’re still kids at heart

Instead of doing work during our break time, sometimes we just need to decompress, laugh and make fun of each other. Working with kids all day makes us act like kids (no sarcasm intended). This is a game from our New Year carnival; it’s supposed to be a math game, but honestly, is math really THAT fun? Nah.

I am going to start posting random photos and videos under the “Just Another Day at Markham” blog category.

I’m sad I didn’t think of this earlier because no matter how wacky and crazy my team is or the school day is, we always look at the day as “just another day at Markham.” Being a corps member at Markham really forces you to expect the unexpected and be ready for literally anything. That’s why no matter how crazy or hilarious a day has been, it’s just another day because I can assure you that an even crazier or funnier day will happen in the future.