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See you July 19th, America!

I have been approved to close my service and leave South Africa on July 19th — 30 days before graduate school orientation. The process of leaving makes me extremely sad, and already teary-eyed, but I can’t stay here forever. My projects are done, and it’s about time to go home — it’s just bittersweet. I will leave knowing a new Volunteer will be with my family and school next September, which I’m thrilled about.

But, I don’t want to talk too much about the sad stuff yet, so I can talk about the things I am looking forward to! I’ll be coming to my dad’s house in Houston, then flying to San Francisco to visit my hometown and best friends, and then to New York to search for an apartment. (I’m really trying to make it out to Los Angeles as well, but had to reassess my plans because I’ll really be scraping funds on this whole moving to one of America’s most expensive cities after I’ve been living on a stipend for three years thing.) I’ll be living with my friend Rakeesha – a fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from my cohort – who is also attending NYU, but for her master’s in journalism!

Although life for me here is normal now, adventure awaits! I’ll be leaving here with nothing but happy memories as those trump any bad ones, and that’s exactly how I had hoped I’d leave.

See you soon friends!!!

See you soon friends!!!

Yours in service,
Soon to be Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Liz

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  1. Kelsey G #

    Woo Hoo!!! So much to look forward to Liz! I plan on being at the airport for your return! So excitedddddddd

    June 4, 2014
  2. Good luck and good wishes….give my best to Rakeesha….that’s really cool that the two of you will be together. Someday I will be hearing reports from Rakeesha on the news and you will be
    making a huge difference in the world. Go, girl!!

    June 7, 2014

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