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Thank you, Umkhulu Warden!

After a short weekend away, I got a pleasant surprise at school this morning. The ceiling on my school’s library was completed quickly on Saturday!  My grandpa (umkhulu) Warden donated to make this construction possible; my library now looks like a real room without wood boards spanned across the ceiling. Before this renovation,  we just had boards that kept the roof upright, but nothing adequate over our heads. Grade seven was in awe – a few favourite quotes to come from them, “Miss! Our school is perfect!” and “I feel like I’m just dreaming!”

Thank you for your generous donation and helping leave a Warden legacy here in South Africa, Grandpa Warden! The kids of my village will benefit for years to come and treat their library as a home away from home.


Presentation to the teachers


So purrrrty!



I’ve been working nonstop in the library until 5pm everyday in order to prepare for our official opening ceremony this Thursday with representatives from the Dept. Of Education,  Peace Corps and David Rattray Foundation to thank the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation for donating a second container of Books for Africa books to South African schools,  and Books for Africa for working with Peace Corps South Africa for the past two years to make these libraries a reality.

Almost. Done. But, as always,  more to come. Two more days!

Yours in service,

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  1. We’re so proud of your accomplishments Liz and it is special that your grandad helped in that way. We read about your future plans and are excited that you are moving in a confident direction building on your experiences that are guiding you. We’ve shipped our Zimbabwe container and will be there in a couple of weeks to work on the distribution. We may need your advice on how to catalog and organize the books in their libraries, so don’t be surprised if you get an e-mail from the field. Keep in touch! Claude and Barbara

    May 19, 2014

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