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A month in photos: October 2013

  • Literacy Day Competition in Nquthu; select learners read poetry in Zulu and English, recited motivational speeches and sang gospel and Mariah Carey songs. (“Hero” by Mariah Carey will never be the same again.) We didn’t win any categories, but the learners had fun and tried!
  • Yearly field trip to Ncome Museum — a Battlefields history museum at Blood River where the 1838 Boer-Zulu war took place.
  • Unveiling ceremony for my sister’s baby girl Noxolo. On August 28th, 2012, my sister Munu had a miscarriage and was about seven months pregnant with Noxolo. The family buried Noxolo at her boyfriend’s property in our village. The “unveiling ceremony” is when everyone gathers, prays and the tombstone is exposed to the public for the first time. This ritual ensures that the deceased is at peace and welcomed by the ancestors. In Zulu culture, a goat is always slaughtered the night before. The day-of entails lots of signing, praying and then individuals say a few words about the person and place money on the tombstone.
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