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Bring it on, year two!

This week marks my year anniversary in my precious little village and the second year of my Peace Corps service!

Thus, it only seems appropriate to make a list of goals I want to accomplish this year.

Year Two Goals

1. Turn my school library into a community library for everyone to have access to.

2. Host a creative writing club for grade 7+ learners. The goal is to get the learners to write culturally relevant stories for their peers and publish them in book form (hopefully through a grant) for my school’s library.

3. Teach computer literacy to my counterpart and principal.

4. Create a geography club where we study different cultures and places of the world. We will utilize the world map mural at my school a health PCV completed two years ago. We will make food pertaining to a specific culture.

5. Perfect the Zulu Q click. (I’m giving my dog a Zulu name with a Q when I get back to America…get ready friends.)

6. Travel to a different country.

7. Make a photo book for my mom with pictures of all her designs/clothing she’s sewn and their prices for her home-based business.

8. Kill/slaughter a chicken on my own, then cook it. I’d even be open to eating the head and feet with my family (they say it’s really good). Hey, I’m all for new experiences!

9. Run every day before school to embrace the beauty that surrounds me.

10. Learn how to make traditional Zulu bread (so I can make it back in the States for you all!)

11. Get into my top choices for graduate school.

12. Implement a school-wide behavior management/incentive system and follow through.

13. Read Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.

14. Really learn the history of the region I live in.

15. Ride an ostrich on vacation.

And of course, eat as many packs of ramen noodles I can!

I’ll probably think of more as the year goes on.

Yours in service,
Small heartLiz

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