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Happy Valentine’s Day from our learners to you!

To be honest, I did miss the hilarious awkward middle school love-lust today. However, it was a change of pace being at a primary school because my South African learners aren’t too cool — just yet — to not make Valentine’s Day cards for their family or teachers.

My English counterpart had her grade 4 students make Valentine’s Cards in English for their loved ones then present them. I really admire her creativity in the classroom. This is her example.

Show Miss Mathebula your cards!

They each wanted an individual picture! Grade 4s and their cards after presentations.

Cards my learners made me. My learner Ayanda cut out a picture of Kim Kardashian and wrote that it was me. Too great. “I love you Miss Mathebula and I will always love you.”

All the learners out of uniform and wearing red, white and pink! I didn’t get the memo because they told the learners in Zulu…typical.

Ngikuthanda! (I love you in Zulu)

I was stopped by a community member on my way home from school who asked me if I am physically strong enough to bear his child. I told him sorry, but I am far too weak and little. Sorry I’m not sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! At least instances like that make me laugh pretty hard…

SmallTransparentLogoMiss Mathebula

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