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Peace Corps South Africa pre-service training in photos

To sum up my first month and a half in South Africa besides sitting through training presentations and language lessons, here’s a couple of photos: from visiting a current PCV in the Limpopo province and making Mexican food and sweet American apple pie, calling ostriches like they’re dogs, our first crammed ride in a 14-person kombi (taxi) with 14 people’s luggage, visiting the Apartheid museum (I will definitely go in-depth about South African history after I finish reading a really long book about the racial injustice of this country), the Voortrekker monument, the constitutional court and prison where Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were held as political prisoners.

Peace Corps Volunteers must be flexible and exercise resiliency when pushed to do so. I already used up all the data I bought to upload three posts with photos, but I figured out a way to transfer photos from my computer, to my BlackBerry and then to WordPress via BlackBerry. I’m playing the system, yo. But really — as much as a pain it is to update this blog, at least I have Internet and communication (even the rural areas we’ll be moving to next week get signals). My living stipend = access to blogging > a refrigerator; five hours to figure out how to get pictures on the blog for cheap > studying for my final oral Zulu language exam tomorrow; yup, my priorities are straight.

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