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The new blogging structure of “Liz in Service”

I’m connected again!

I know it’s only been a month, but a former journo kid can’t go long without being able to write and publish! I have many updates, but this whole “publish weeks after it happens” thing is getting to me. Back in the states, I’d give myself up to two days to publish something that happened besides my weekly updates. This is my first step getting used to “African time” — even if content is recent and “blogworthy” to me, it may take a while to get onto my site.

With that said, I got a SIM card for a BlackBerry data plan for only 60 rand a month — the equivalent of ~$10 a month. Now I can use e-mail, WordPress and mobile Internet when I please (assuming I have electricity to charge my phone!) I’ll be able to type things out and upload pictures on my computer then transfer them to my BlackBerry for publishing. It might be a hassle, but I’m damn grateful I can blog on the go!

So, here’s how I’ve planned to blog these next two years:

Bi-weekly posts each month about my primary Peace Corps project: my primary project is to teach English in a primary school to grade 4, 5 or 6. I’ll be permanently assigned to my site in two weeks, so then I’ll know what exactly I’ll be blogging about (lesson plans, my students, my co-workers, the struggles of working in a South African school, etc).

Ubuntu: The Ubuntu category — a Zulu proverb meaning my humanity is tied to your humanity (which was stressed during my City Year service year and originated here in South Africa!) — will explore South African and Zulu culture. I’ll write in-depth about any cultural experiences I have and how Ubuntu is practiced here.

Just another day in the Peace Corps: Similar to my Just another day at Markham category from City Year, I’ll post photos and videos (if possible) that highlight the odd, ironic, funny and sarcastic things that happen to me and my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers.

Secondary project updates: As soon as I figure out what my secondary Peace Corps project is (fingers are crossed I can start a school newspaper!) I’ll write individual posts that discuss the trials and tribulations of working with a South African community counterpart to help make whatever project I implement succeed.

A month in photos: Every month I’ll have a photo-oriented post. Self- explanatory. Uploading a bunch of photos on Flickr or Facebook will be challenging, so I’ll make sure to put my best photos on here!

Yours back in blogging service,

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  1. I love you , Liz and hope you like all I sent you.


    August 13, 2012

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