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The hardest goodbye

It’s not goodbye it’s just see ya later — that’s what I’ve been telling people when saying bye to them, which is totally true. Just because I’m leaving for two years doesn’t mean that I won’t talk to my friends ever again. As I’ve said plenty of times in this blog, distance and time apart shows you who you real friends are and I have absolutely no doubt about that because it has proven true to me in the past couple of years.

The hardest goodbye yet is saying bye to my childhood friends from my hometown, Half Moon Bay. I will always somehow be connected to them; I never see myself loosing contact with them even if I end up on the east coast after my Peace Corps service. Twenty-seven months doesn’t sound too long, but two years sounds like a long, long time.

A lot can happen within the span of two years — especially when my friends and I are at the prime age (23) to start making major life decisions, whether that’s regarding careers, relationships or traveling. I could return to the US and a childhood best friend could be engaged (cough, Mary, wait for me to have your wedding or else), Kelsey traveling the world or Jessica off to grad school and doing something bomb with whatever artistic career she ends up with.

These people have been my friends since elementary and middle school and I can’t begin to comprehend that I might not be in the states to know the next major life changes and updates that happen with all of them. We’ve stuck together since we were little elementary and middle school brats and have been there for each of our accomplishments and hardest times. Following life updates on Facebook or through e-mail during these next two years isn’t the same as a phone call or visit when something big happens.

It’s hard to find friends like them, but I do find friends like them every once in a while. At every stage in my life I’ve found someone who I can put on the level of my Half Moon Bay friends (ya’ll know who you are).

As a “going away” present, they gave me a journal personalized with my theme quote and tattoo “hold fast to dreams” to write in and read whenever I feel lonely. I can’t wait to write in it and share my experiences with them when I return to the states.


This will keep me sane in the loneliest of times these next two years. Keeping childhood friends from as far back as the third grade doesn’t come easily nowadays, and I am beyond grateful that they have been such a huge part of my life for so long. I love you guys!

Back to packing,

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