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What will I miss the most?

I haven’t really realized that my time in the US is coming to such a quick end until this morning — I have three days to pack up for two years into a few bags. And, of course, I haven’t started packing…typical procrastinating Liz.

1. Avocados. I eat them on everything…literally, everything. Californian born and raised!
2. Warm showers. I shower every single day. Showering in a bucket everyday and boiling my own water is going to be tedious, to say the least.
3. Accessible coffee. I woke up this morning completely flustered because there was no coffee in the house and I couldn’t find my wallet to go buy some. Aggravated and frustrated, I finally found my wallet. I can’t even imagine going a whole day without a cup (fingers crossed I won’t ever have to).
4. Dogs. I am hoping my host family has a dog I can play with.
5. Internet. How am I going to get through another service year without being able to blog?! Once again, hoping for the best and that I have internet access more than often.
6. Texting. I’m always on my phone and always connected to my loved ones. It’s going to be quite a shock to not constantly be talking to someone.
7. My car. Whenever I want to go somewhere, I get in my car. Now whenever I want to go somewhere, I’m going to have to wait up to four hours for a bus to fill up and go to the next town.
8. Country music. I have a weird obsession with country music (even the overly patriotic stuff). Although I think the lyrics are hilarious and all the songs are the same, I can’t get enough of that corny country music.
9. Mexican food. I’ve grown up eating Mexican food at least once a week. I lived in upstate New York for a year during college and couldn’t find ONE restaurant that had authentic Mexican food. It was horrible.
10. Oh, and of course, my family and friends! I’ve never been more than a five hour car or plane ride from my elementary school best friends, but two years ain’t got nothing on our friendship! However, all the friends I met in City Year this year will all be in different areas of the country when I get back, which is real sad — I’ll never be in the same spot with everyone together at once. Things are a’changin’!

Mostly everything I listed here many Americans (including myself) take for advantage and are just part of ordinary life. Reality check.

Now to spend the day to start to pack my bags up for the adventure of a lifetime. If only packing wasn’t such a pain…

Sala kahle, (goodbye in isiZulu)


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  1. An Obsessed Fan #

    Are you going to have a different webpage for you service in Africa. You see, I am a huge fan of your blog and don’t miss a thing ;). I would really like to continue falling you through your service.

    July 5, 2012
    • An Obsessed Fan #

      It’s a little early in the morning but I meant a ‘?’ and ‘following.’ Love your #1 FAN

      July 5, 2012
      • hahahaha I thought this was a spam comment. No, I will always be “Liz in Service” duhhh…

        YOUR #1 Fan

        July 5, 2012

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