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Peace Corps update: finally medically cleared!


Best morning news ever!

I have been waiting to hear some news about my medical review for a couple of days now. Last week I sent in some requested medical information (proof of an adult polio booster shot). I was getting worried that I wasn’t medically cleared right after my nurse received my fax, but as already discussed multiple times in this blog, anything Peace Corps takes a lot of patience.

I had a feeling that the Office of Medical Services would contact me this morning. I get an email from the Peace Corps at 2 a.m. every time my application status is updated online (weird thing that happens to all nominees). I kept falling in and out of sleep and checking my phone for the email last night. I slept with my phone. I even dreamt about it. Low and behold, at 2 a.m. exactly, I got that email. My heart was pounding as I was anxiously waiting to find that check by my medical review (if there’s a check by your medical review that means your medically cleared!) Although I was relieved, I couldn’t sleep much after because this process has been moving so fast for me. I’m getting so incredibly anxious and excited!

My placement assessment specialist asked me about a week ago if I would be willing to leave at the end of June. However, the Peace Corps requires that all nominees receive their invitation to serve at least eight weeks prior to leaving. If placement wants me to leave at the end of June, they would have to let me know by the end of this week to make the eight week mark. In other words, I’m probably not leaving that soon. I’m speaking with another placement and assessment specialist this week to discuss my application (I’m hoping this is the last thing I have to do before I receive an invitation!)

It’s really happening! And quicker than I thought!

Yours in service,
-Ms. warden, the soon to be secondary English teacher

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  1. Dwight Warden #


    May 2, 2012

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