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From our students to you: Adventures of a Disappearing City Year

Here’s a story that my teammate Tessa’s 7th grade student wrote about my teammates. It’s hilarious, creative and well-written! Props to Mr. Aaron for saving the day.

Adventures of a Disappearing City Year

On a dark and spooky night Tessa and I woke up to total darkness and we searched the school. And we look and looked, but we couldn’t find anything or anyone but the only person we did find was a blood hound. And we could not find the rest of City Year but we know that Mr. Aaron is somewhere in the school. And he would know was had happened. He knows everything. Once we go on this quest there is no turning back. So I ask if they wanted to quit and Ms. Tessa held her head up high and said no. The dog barked and I took that for a no.

So we continue on our mission. So we check all the rooms for Mr. Aaron and he was chilling out like nothing happened and I speak out, “Ay! Do you now what happened to all of City Year?” and he laughed and he said “They’re all dead!” and Ms. Tessa said “No they’re not!” and she looked sad like she was really worried so I walk out. I know they were not dead. So we had to continue. I do not care what he said but I’m still on it for all of City Year.

So we check from room to room and we all spit up with walkie talkies so if anything happened we can talk to each other and we search the rooms and Ms. Tessa calls me and she said “Come now!” and she was crying. So I rush over there as fast as I can. When I get there she is on the floor crying and she points to the wall and first there nothing there then I see it like a hologram but it is a dead person on the wall like their spirit never left that corner. But that was new blood and it like some one dragged the body out of the room.

And Ms. Tessa and I followed the bloody trail and it took us back to Mr. Aaron’s room and he was not there. And there were we found Carlos was getting boiled in his own juices me and Ms. Tessa almost threw up. But we turned around and walked out but we knew what ever did this was not friendly but we have to face it and we might have to hide to get some sleep. But we continue our mission the next night.

So during the day we did what we had to do go to school, and work at City Year alone. Everyone is trying to find the rest of City Year but we said they’re at home today so that made everyone leave so that following night we went to look for them and that same night we founded Ms. Lauren and she was in a closet with a blanket over her head. So we had to convince her to come with us but after a couple of times she said no but after telling her about our quest to defeat whatever was in the school and she came with us. So we search the school once more like last night but we had a new person. Ms. Lauren heard a noise coming from the closet so she opened it and found the rest of City Year so we got them out of the chains and braces. And I saw it.

​It was big, huge and hungry so we all grabbed the chain and anything that hurts and went to war. We were winning when he slapped us off of him and we fell before the monster and then Mr. Aaron jumped out of nowhere with a big sword and chopped the monster’s head off and he said “Anybody order a chop monster head?” well I thought we were goners for a minute. Well the next day they had to close the school down for some time so they can clean up the body. well to believe it we really had a good time.

The End

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