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Just another day at Markham: we’re still kids at heart

Instead of doing work during our break time, sometimes we just need to decompress, laugh and make fun of each other. Working with kids all day makes us act like kids (no sarcasm intended). This is a game from our New Year carnival; it’s supposed to be a math game, but honestly, is math really THAT fun? Nah.

I am going to start posting random photos and videos under the “Just Another Day at Markham” blog category.

I’m sad I didn’t think of this earlier because no matter how wacky and crazy my team is or the school day is, we always look at the day as “just another day at Markham.” Being a corps member at Markham really forces you to expect the unexpected and be ready for literally anything. That’s why no matter how crazy or hilarious a day has been, it’s just another day because I can assure you that an even crazier or funnier day will happen in the future.

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