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Peace Corps update: Nominated as a secondary English teacher!

Yesterday was a strange day because everything changed literally in the timespan of two hours. I figured that the Peace Corps process for me would be stalled because I was so unsure of when I would receive my nomination. I started to look at other opportunities for next year, including another City Year in New York. The NY site kept the external relations position I wanted to apply for in Los Angeles. The NY site has an awesome blog and invests a lot in social media, so I was really excited for that potential opportunity (and a year in NYC? Finally a new city to live in!)

The senior communications brand manager at CYLA, Phil, introduced me to the communications manager in NY. I chatted with him yesterday for an hour or so about the position, what he’s looking for in an applicant for the position, etc. The conversation went really well and the job description sounded like a great fit for me; I would be allowed to focus on social media and even report for the blog (the closest I’ll get to journalism. Sigh). This put me in a great mood and I was ready to start working on my senior corps application all weekend.

Then, literally two hours later, I got a random call from my Peace Corps recruiter. She said she nominated me for a secondary English teaching assignment. Apparently, a new program opened up for summer leave dates. According to my nomination, I will be leaving anywhere between THIS July – THIS September. A Peace Corps nomination usually tells an applicant what geographic region of the world he or she will serve in. My nomination did not. Instead, it said that I could be in anywhere of eight regions. I probably won’t find out what region I’m in until two-three months before I leave, which is when I most likely will receive my invitation and exact country and volunteer project. It’s crazy to think that I could be ANYWHERE this summer. I’m okay with this, but I wish I knew if it was South America because then I could try picking up some Spanish with Rosetta Stone.

What’s even crazier? I’m going to be a middle or high school teacher. Little Liz, a teacher? Huh? It would be so refreshing if I was placed in a country that really values education and the students are obedient and do their work because I’m so used to my students at Markham whining and complaining. There’s no point to wonder because I really won’t know where I’ll be until probably June.

As excited as I was about the opportunity to apply to CYNY for external relations, I have to accept my nomination and go on with the Peace Corps. It’s what I’ve wanted from junior year in college and on, so now is the time to make it happen!

This all happened SO QUICKLY. It’s kind of eerie; is fate real? Think about it: I was about to apply for another position and then tell my recruiter to change my availability date until summer 2013. I was considering telling her in March. But on the same day I randomly got the nomination email!

Am I ready to go, especially right after ending City Year? I asked myself yesterday. I think I am. City Year has definitely prepared me, but I told my teammate the one thing that’s going to be hard to leave is all the new friendships I’ve made this year and all my friends back home. I will have to do quick goodbyes and not see them for two years. All the new relationships I’ve made might not grow because I’ll be gone. But you know what my teammate told me? None of that matters. The ones that will stick around and be there for me the same way they were before I left and be able to pick up exactly where we left off are the ones that count. They are my true friends. It’s true. A year of domestic service has even showed me who my true friends are, so the Peace Corps will provide me with even more personal growth. I’m a people person anyways, just put me around people and I’ll make friends easily (or I’ll just ask questions cause I’m usually genuinely interested in who people are), so I know the transition will be easy.

Next Peace Corps step? A huge medical packet and legal clearance.

Now that I’m going to be a teacher, do I go by Ms. Warden? That just sounds weird.

-Ms. Warden

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  1. Hi Liz,

    It’s fun to ask students what they prefer, Jeffredo or Warden…

    I did that once and was surprised by how happy the kids were to pick the name they would formally address me with for the year.

    Just read an article in the LA Times by a high school teacher teaching english and journalism in Reseda.. it has many of the themes and issues you have already been bringing to the front in your blog work.


    January 29, 2012
  2. Dear God. Is Ms. Liz neutral enough for you?

    January 29, 2012

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