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If I could describe Markham Middle School in two words it would be: The Carts.

At Markham, we have security guards who ride around on carts to chase kids to class, find kids who are ditching class and to break up fights. It’s probably the most comical thing I see at this school on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be walking to class and hear from the corner someone blowing the horn saying, “WALK AND TALK YA’LL, GET TO CLASS. WALK AND TALK, WALK AND TALK.” Then if City Year is to say to one of the security guards, Ms. Laurie, “good morning Ms. Laurie!” She’ll pull a 360 and say so nicely, “Oh, good morning City Year!” then two seconds later it’s back to the blowing of the horn and yelling, “GET TO CLASS!”

Anytime there’s a fight at Markham and the students hear the blowing of the horn from a distance, the kids scamper.

I asked Mr. Tony, another security guard who is so helpful toward City Year, what happens when kids run away from the carts (I mean, c’mon, they don’t go THAT fast). His response?

“Kids these days, you know, they get tired pretty quickly…eating junk food and all of that. They stop. The cart don’t stop. The cart NEVER stops.”

That’s right students, the cart don’t stop. Apparently Markham cut half of its security from last year, so I wonder if there were even more carts gliding around campus last year?

It was Mr. Tony’s birthday last week so the Markham team surprised him with a cake on none other but the infamous carts. I got to ride front and center and accidentally blew the horn a couple of times…goooooood morning Markham!

Mr. Tony is nice enough to even give us rides on the cart to the Metro station after work. Aside from my team and students, this is the one thing I’ll never forget about Markham Middle School.

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