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Ms. Liz, do you have any coloring sheets?

Ms. Charlotte is known around Markham for handing out coloring sheets at lunch. I’d say she’s a local celeb.

The coloring sheet phenomenon has officially taken over 6th grade lunch.


She even has an order request form for her coloring sheets (which made me die of laughter today when I saw it for the first time).



One of my students requests for coloring sheets included: Michael Jackson and wait for it…the Facebook logo (TOO good).

Today, Marissa got this lovely drawing from one of her students.


We couldn’t stop laughing at this drawing because the student meant to say Ms. Jackson is the nicest City Year after Ms. Charlotte. How did we figure this out?

1) The kids confuse Charlotte and me
2)I don’t even know this student
3) Charlotte is a celebrity at Markham

And this is why I pledge to wear a bow in my hair for the rest of the year.


-Ms. Liz

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