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The Markham team summed up in three videos: that’s what’s up

Finally, some multimedia on this blog! Without having the Annenberg j-school digital lab at my fingertips any day of the week, I am having a hard time editing video and photographs for this blog. I’ve been making do with my PC, but I need a Mac to edit. Shout out to my lovely roommate Bryan who let me use his Mac to edit some video tonight!

I’ve been documenting the Markham team for about a month now with my flip cam and plan to edit together a video of the whole year for the team to watch on graduation night. That being said, with only 15 minutes of footage, I found three 30-ish second video clips that sum up the Markham team in full: Our energy, passion and humor.

The first video is a montage of clips from our first day at our after-school program with our students. It’s an “emergency dance party” where we randomly start playing music, bust some moves and get the kids to dance with us. Today was a rough day for some teammates, so my teammate Melanie decided it was time to have our second emergency dance party to get them team going.

Note: I know the shots are cut off. For some reason, the clips are full and I can see all the teammates heads. However, when I uploaded the files to iMovie it cut off part of the clip. This is reason #9234209842 why broadcast journalism technology and I do not get along. I was also trying to film this with kids trying to grab my camera…

This second video is our call-back. Whenever we are with all of City Year (all 210 corps members) on Fridays, we’ll do our call-back in the morning. Likewise, we do this call-back when the bell rings in the morning to remind the kids to get to class.

Last but not least, another team call-back, which is more focused on an inside joke within our team. One of the teammates Tessa always brings yummy snacks (who can resist Trader Joes?) We call it Tessa’s edible treats.

There you have it: You can finally see the Markham team in all its glory – LOUD and proud – without me having to explain the way we act in written words. As much as I hate broadcast, I’ve got to give it credit. Video does complement any story. That’s what up, as Damien would say.

Good night! It’s an hour past my bedtime (it’s 10 p.m. now – yes, I go to bed at 9 p.m. every night).


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  1. I have that problem with the footage being cut short when uploading into iMovie. The best way to remedy that is to transfer the video onto your desktop from yuor flipcam and then upload it into iMovie from there.

    Keep up the great work with your blog! I really enjoy it.

    October 20, 2011

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