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Opening day at Los Angeles City Hall

All 210 Corps Members by cityyear
All 210 Corps Members, a photo by cityyear on Flickr.

Here’s a picture of all 210 corps members serving this year in middle and elementary schools in Watts, South Los Angeles (NEVER NEVER DOUBT), Pico-Union and Boyle Heights. Mayor Villaraigosa and LAUSD Supt. John Deasy spoke. It was great to hear Dr. Deasy’s remarks about our service and how appreciative he is that we are serving in the toughest LAUSD schools. Since this is Dr. Deasy’s first City Year as superintendent, CYLA gave him a yellow jacket to wear proud and in honor of all the corps members who have served previously, currently and will in the future.

All the corps members had to stand the whole time, so needless to say, my feet are tired from my timbz.

When the MCs introduced the teams at the ceremony, the teams had to shout a call-back. Ours, of course, is the loudest (and probably obnoxious one). Who’s lookin’ fly, who’s lookin’ fly? MARKHAM’S LOOKIN’ SO FLY! Who’s soaring high, who’s soaring high? EAGLES SOARIN’ SO HIGH! One-two-three CY!

My team is amazing and we have bonded so well that we’ve come to realize we are THAT team. THAT obnoxious team that’s always shouting, laughing or goofing around. It’s a good and bad thing. This blog won’t even give me justice to describe how much I love my team, team leaders and program manager. So, I’ll shut up and try not to be THAT corps member getting all sappy because we’re already THAT team.

A week five post will be published this weekend.

It’s the WEEKEND!

Yours truly,

Liz, a proud, Oh SO proud, Markham corps member.

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