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Reg day and move-in

When people in our program ask any of us where we are living and we reply “the big house with 14 people” everyone says, “oh, that sounds horrible.”

Fortunately, it’s the exact opposite. Fourteen random people from all over the country met a couple of days ago. We’re crammed in three rooms untill we can move into the rest of the house (and yes, my room is packed with an apartment’s worth of furniture and boxes – you can barely walk).

I have to admit, typing this out, it does sound horrible. But after spending one day with each other, we couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out and that everyone already gets along like one big, happy family. I already know that this year is going to be one of the best experiences ever. The bond I made with my camp co-workers last summer at the National Student Leadership Conference was an instant connection and that’s exactly what I feel like it is here at Woodcraft Manor (or as we call it, the manor, WCM, etc.) I mean, it makes sense. At NSLC, 10 or so journalism majors were thrown together. Of course we’d instantly love each other. Journalists just click – usually I like to say it’s because journalism kids are seriously a different species of human (#journolove). But then it makes sense that everyone in this house fits perfectly. We have to be somewhat like-minded to do a program like City Year (similar life experiences and values). Anyways, you can now refer to me as the the headmaster of Woodcraft Manor. And yes, we are getting jerseys that say WCM on them. We will also have a wall of shame in our living room and pictures in our uniforms above our fireplace with a composite. For once, I’m not being sarcastic – this really is gonna be the most legit year ever.

Registration day was our first actual “service” day. However, I’ve been in and out of the City Year offices since last year (trying to get journalism interviews from corps members working in some of the schools I was trying to sneak into) so I’ve met most of the staff already. Academy/training starts next Monday, and that’s when things will get crazy. It’s just the beginning…more to come soon. Of course the balloons that decraoted the office for Reg Day had the timbalandz as the anchors. Stompin’ young minds into shape with the Timbz.

“Yours in service,”

The Headmaster

Below: This is The Manor (and its luxurious doormat)

This is Scott and Koni’s room for now – unpacked and completely crammed. Probably the worst out of the three. We get the keys to the rest of the rooms on Tuesday night.

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